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  • Fabric detail: 100% Rayon 300 Thread Count.
  • Filled with 50% Synthetic Polyester Fibers & 50% Bamboo Rayon.
  • 100% natural rayon from bamboo for ultimate comfort.
  • The anti-Microbial process used to eliminate bacteria.
  • Improved support and neck alignment.
  • Good for all-weather use.
  • Provides a smooth, even sleeping surface.
  • 300 Thread Count prevents filling from escaping.
  • Luxuriously soft and noiseless.
  • The breathability of the Rayon fabric makes it odourless.
  • Breathable, soft, wrinkle-free, good moisture-wicking ability, can be easily maintained and cared for.
  • Made in China.
100% White Bamboo-Derived Rayon Polyester Fibers & Bamboo Rayon blend Filling Pillow will make you look forward to comfortable naps all year round. The anti-microbial process used to eliminate bacteria. The breathability of this cozy pillow’s Rayon fabric prevents any moisture or odour buildup. Use it on its own for a clean, hotel-inspired look.