Hug Me Scrunchie 2-Piece


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Silk scrunchies are perfect for any hair thickness or length. Currently they are sold in the silk gift sets however individuals are only sold in the pearly white color.

We promise once you invest in a silk scrunchie you’ll never go back to a regular hair tie. Not only does it give your hair more volume, but it gets rid of hair tugging which is a common recurrence with a regular hair style.

Hug Me Silk Scrunchies can elevate any hair look so try one out today!

Prevent Hair Breakage
Softer Hair
Retain hair moisture
Maintains ponytails and buns longer without causing drooping
Prevents tugging and excessive hair tangle
Reduces frizz and easier to take off which also reduces hair loss

100% Natural Silk 20 mm

Set Includes

2-Slk Scrunchies.

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Style with extra pillowcases

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