What You're Choice in Sheets and duvet cover Color Combinations Says About You

What You're Choice in Sheets and duvet cover Color Combinations Says About You

Please… Do you think we don't judge you when you place an order with us on your colour combinations? If you thought to yourself, "No…" you're correct because we adore all of our customers, especially those that like to experiment.

So take this time and read over this week's blog, let us know your favourite bed colour combination, and see if we guessed your personality correctly.

The All Whites

We would love to call you boring, we really would, but the truth is everyone inspires to be like you. It takes a brave soldier to have all white sheets, especially with the high amount of maintenance that makes sure they stay pure white. You strive for perfection in everything you do, and most likely, all you're decor in your room is decorated in neutral or all white colours. 

The White Duvet Cover and Grey Sheet Set

You're not fooling anyone. We know you eat in bed! You like to shy away from those around you and find their room their haven. You most likely go with dark grey sheets or light grey sheets because you want to enjoy an occasional ice cream while binge-watching your favourite show on Netflix. You're not a perfectionist, but you still like the clean look, so you protect your duvet cover!

The Grey Duvet Cover and White Sheet Set

You are most likely a pet owner and are worried that your pet will shed and ruin your white duvet cover, so you opted for a darker colour! You either have children or a messy partner and as much as you would love an all-white set, your lifestyle simply doesn't allow you to. We know you don't wash your sheets the recommended amount but don't worry, the dark colours might hide it all, but we know how busy you are. You most likely only come to bed when it's time to sleep and spend most of your day in productivity.

We Love The Brown, The Beige, The cinnamon.

Trendy Tiktoker, is that you? Or are you someone with a perfectly aesthetic Instagram feed? You love to experiment and follow trends, but you love the earthly clean look. You probably work out to maintain good health, opt for oat milk, and your day will not start unless you stop at Starbucks. You're most likely the type of person who constantly uploads motivational stories on their Instagram and inspires others in your day-to-day life. 


Nothing screams risk-taker than someone willing to experiment with an orange-like shade in their bedroom. Terracotta requires a lot of taste, and you're not afraid to try it all. You're bold and creative, and I promise to have more than two pillows on your bed. Your favourite holiday is Halloween; you love autumn and don't lie, you're secretly obsessed with pumpkin spice lattes.

Charcoal Greys

We know you're a reader before going to bed at night. You most likely love getting into philosophical debates and hate the idea of sunlight peaking into your room in the morning. You love the occasional sleeping in, and you like to handle life one step at a time. You most likely have pets or children but are too exhausted to make your bed every morning and play it off as a messy aesthetic. 

Navy Blue

Nothing screams college frat boy than the colour navy blue. Mom or dad most likely purchased your sheets before the semester started, and you probably couldn't care what colour your bedding is. You're likely to be using the same sheets they gifted you after graduation and won't change your sheets unless someone does it for you. 

May 06, 2022
A guide on what Bedding Product Works For You

A guide on what Bedding Product Works For You

You're picky. We get it, and we want to ensure you that you have every right to be. You'll be the one going into bed overnight and with all the struggles that occur in a day to day life. If you're struggling with achieving a good night's sleep, let us care for you.

No customer is too fussy, and we understand the individual needs of all our customers. We know that some of you may have extremely deep mattresses, have issues with the temperature at night, suffer from friction and more. We created this guide to help educate you on what products may work for you and suit whoever you may be getting sheets for!

Rayon Bamboo

Bamboo Rayon is perfect for those that love the excellent silky finish when getting into bed. Our bamboo sheets are perfectly designed for those with deep mattresses and cover up to 18 inches making them deep-pocketed. These are our softest, most luxurious sheets and adjust to one's body temperature. It has the perfect lightweight consistency, perfect for those that get too hot at night. 

100% Cotton

If you're still using cotton, we're not going to judge you. You love the simplicity, which says a lot about you. You might be afraid to try other fabrics, and that's okay because you're loyal to what you've been using for several years. Cotton sheets have been breathable and airy, making them perfect all year round. We offer some cotton sheet sets such as - 

Organic 100% Cotton

These organic sheets are perfect for those that want to stick to all-natural products that haven't been treated with harsh dyes and chemicals. Our organic sheets come in many options ranging from solid to printed patterns. Although we don't offer them as a duvet cover yet, these make the perfect adorable sheet to use in Air BnB's, kids' rooms, university dorms, etc. These are perfect for those that enjoy flat sheets. 

500 Thread Count

You're bougie, and you understand quality over quantity. Many companies like to lie and say that they are selling 1000 thread count sheets, but anyone who knows sheets knows that the 500 thread count is the sweet spot of all sheets. A thread count is several threads that go into sheets; the more significant the line counts, the thinner the sheets is a fundamental principle to follow. Our 500 thread counts create the perfect sheets that aren't too thin or too thick. Because of their high quality, they produce rich colours and a satin-like finish.

100% Linen 

Ahh, so you want to compete with the big boys? We see you, and best of all, you're our favourite customer. We love when we can share our love of linen with you all, and we can't wait to see the day this fabric becomes as well known as cotton so everyone can enjoy the benefits. These sheets are perfect all year long and elevate any room into having a cozy rustic feel. Our linen sheets are also offered in a beautiful duvet cover. These sheets are perfect for those that value quality because although these can be considered a pricy investment, these will last longer than any other sheet in the market.

80% Bamboo & 20% Linen

So you want to upgrade to linen but don't want to splurge the high costs associated with it? We found a solution for you that is even better than Vintage linen in the eyes of some. Bamboo linen sheets offer the same look as linen at a cheaper cost but more benefits. These are perfect for those looking to experiment but aren't ready to entirely splurge on the linen, and we think they make a fantastic dupe!

May 06, 2022
Our Goal for Sustainable Products

Our Goal for Sustainable Products

The most annoying feeling is when going into a store to see the perfect sheets, but due to its plastic wrapping, there's always an added fear of disappointment when taking it out of its packaging when getting home. We know how good our products are, and we want customers to be able to feel what they are buying before they buy it. We at least owe it to them because nobody likes the feeling of going home to thick sheets.


We'll admit there was a time when we contributed to an enormous amount of plastic waste, mainly because there was a lack of awareness. We have successfully figured out how to use leftover, reusable bags for packaging our items, and this is eco-friendly and informs the customer what they are purchasing in person.


Upon revamping our packaging, we work towards supporting organic sheets made in factories that limit the amount of pollution released by using natural dyes in all of our products. We believe that you don't need more than two sheet sets and two duvet covers, and we have ensured that all of our products are reusable friendly and long-lasting.


Our fabrics are all made with high-quality materials, whether linen, bamboo linen, Bamboo rayon or cotton. We ensure that all our fabrics are double stitched to prevent tears, and as a result, many of our customers return after several years, claiming that their sheet sets have lasted almost a decade of regular use.


Our goal is to ensure that we go plastic-free by the end of 2025. We have successfully worked on changing all our packaging to the materials of the fabric health, limiting the waste produced. We also are working on planting more trees and giving back as much as we as a company take from the environment. 


If anyone knows of any charities working to achieve sustainable goals, please send us an email at info@seasontex.com. We all should work on improving the environment together one day at a time. 

May 06, 2022
The Story behind our Linen Products

The Story behind our Linen Products

As much as we as a company want to illustrate a picture-perfect image, we have made several mistakes running New Season, and one of them happens to be not investing in linen sooner.

Linen has created a massive trend in interior design as it made its way into bedding essentials, bedroom decor and even furniture such as couches, tables, ottomans and more. Linen is an eco-friendly fabric perfect for individuals who suffer from fabric allergies, need temperature regulating sheets, and are antibacterial. Linen has been known for centuries to be a durable fabric and, thus, for many years, has been used. It also gets softer with every wash, making this the perfect go-to sheet or duvet cover for any home.

But how did we get our hands on it, you may ask? That's a long story that we've been dying to share, and we were so glad we finally have seen enormous success with the product that we feel it's important enough to let you all know how we did it.

As a bedding company, we usually stuck to basic fabrics, which were high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets for many years. For many years we believed that these were the best sheets, and thus we were scared to branch out and try new products because we were selling what we were comfortable with. Going to trade shows years after years, we started selling linen sheets as an accident and planned to have it as a temporary option for our many loyal customers.

One of our suppliers reached out to us and told us that they were able to sell us linen sheets created from the leftover fabrics of the clothing they had already previously sold. At the time, linen was not yet on the market, and we were extremely reluctant to purchase such a high volume of fabric that was honestly not that known here in North America. Our supplier needed a way to get rid of the excess material, and we were starting. He gave us a fantastic deal on assorted colour linen fabrics, and that's when we took off.


Upon receiving our shipment, we noticed that no two linen items felt the same. Some were lucky and were incredibly soft to the touch, while others were stiff to touch. We realized that it would look beautiful on the beds with the soft linen fabrics, but it was also hushed. We began doing our research and found the many benefits of the material.


We were one of the first companies to begin selling high-quality linen items, and these became highly popularized. After selling our original collection of assorted linen goods, we finalized four colours to narrow it down. We also realized that linen is not a cheap item, and as our business grew, we no longer wanted to get the most reasonable thing we could find but rather the most suitable for our high-quality clients. We scouted through many suppliers and spent roughly two years finding the most linen fabric, and since then, the product has been selling out like crazy.

You didn't think we were done now, did you?

We also developed a brand new line unheard of to anyone else called bamboo linen. This fabric is a newly designed product that combines our high-quality bamboo and linen sheets to create an even softer blend with minor wrinkles. 


For years we have had customers complain that as much as they love the look of linen ironing, it is a pain because, naturally, linen wrinkles. We took feedback from our customers and worked with our suppliers to create this perfect blend that allows customers to have the linen look at a lower price. 


We're enormously proud of how our accidental purchase turned into something so big for us, and for anyone reading this is a sign to take any chance given to you. We would have easily missed this opportunity had we had a higher budget, but this shows how much growth we have had in New Season. 

May 06, 2022
Anxiety and the science behind weighted blankets

Anxiety and the science behind weighted blankets

Anxiety is the number one mental health diagnosis, and the COVID pandemic has had an alarming increase among today's youth, adults and seniors. With the rise in anxiety, weighted blankets have become popularized to combat several anxiety symptoms, and this article will overlook the science behind them.

Weighted blankets can help children and adults cope with anxiety, and they're usually safe to use. They aid in the relaxation of many people, allowing them to sleep more deeply. HUGME weighted throws are designed to feel like a warm and comforting hug, which often helps relieve the user of their stress. Our throws are designed with a soft furry material similar to an animal, and the added coziness works to create more comfort.

Weighted blankets press your body lower during sleep, which helps to ground you. This technique, sometimes known as "earthing" or "grounding," can be pretty relaxing. Deep pressure touch (DPT), a type of therapy that involves complex, hands-on contact to decrease chronic stress and high levels of anxiety, is likewise simulated by the blankets. HUGME weighted throws are different from other competitors as they are filled with hypoallergenic glass beads built into tiny square pockets, ensuring that the beads stay in place over time. This allows for multiple washes and fumbling with the blanket to ensure it remains in its original shape and will continue to "ground" the individual. 

Studies have shown grounding to help reduce cortisol, a stress hormone, levels at night. When your brain believes you're being attacked, it releases cortisol, triggering the fight, flight, or freeze response. Often we have noticed that amongst a high number of anxiety patients, they tend to be alone when they panic. Although isolation can help them find strategies to relieve their stress, it often limits the amount of cortisol produced. Especially for the single fellas out there, this weighted throw will replace the feeling of being cuddled and held all night long. 

Cortisol levels might rise as a result of stress, and the immune system may suffer due to this. It can also raise blood sugar levels and have a negative impact on the digestive system. This supports several reasons how the HUGME weighted throw can help with other issues outside of anxiety. It is crucial that with pressure, it is highly likely that other health issues can arise. Weighted blankets have been known to help with the following points.

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Weight Gain

Weighted blankets can encourage relaxation and help interrupt the cycle by offering deep pressure contact. This could cause the release of the feel-good hormones dopamine and serotonin produced in the brain. Stress, anxiety, and sadness are all aided by these chemicals. Investing in this product helps treat anxiety and several other mental health issues at a low and effective cost. 

April 29, 2022
Mothers Day Special

Mothers Day Special

To all the Mum out there, we love and appreciate you. Our number one clientele is mommy bloggers, and without you, we wouldn't have been able to have to ability to grow as much as we did. We understand how overwhelming being a mom can be, and we see it, especially when you go to great lengths to find the perfect sheets you're kids will love.

We have seen several moms come in with their kids, and often it's the moms purchasing products for them and putting aside the products they want for themselves. We see the sacrifices you all make for your children, and we love you all for it.

For anyone struggling to find a mothers day gift, moms need a good night's rest, especially with their day-to-day responsibilities. Choose a perfect sheet set to show her how much you appreciate her rest, and she'll remember what an ideal child you are to her every time she climbs into bed.

While you're at it, maybe look at our silk pillowcases that will help her with all the hair loss she experienced stressing over her kids and help her reduce wrinkles with the HUGME silk anti-aging properties.

April 25, 2022
Bringing Hair back to good Health : Hair Loss

Bringing Hair back to good Health : Hair Loss

Hair Loss is a common occurrence, and many factors contribute to it. Whether it's ongoing stress, heat damage or even aging, it happens to the best of us. Hair health is crucial to our confidence, and even if you're struggling with issues related to damaged hair, we can help. We have been working extremely hard on launching an affordable silk pillowcase as it can help prevent friction, create tangles, and even assist blowouts in lasting longer.

Our silk pillowcases come with an envelope, ensuring that it doesn't slip out of your pillowcase. We made sure that our high-quality silk will help maintain hair health and add a beautiful luxurious look to every bedroom.

For those of us who have long hair and want to style our hair, we are so excited to launch our silk gift set that includes silk rods, two scrunchies, and a silk pillowcase that will help you achieve the perfect curls every morning frizz-free! We recommend trying out the silk rod, and we can't wait to release more info on how to do it! Remember, it's not too late to start taking care of your hair health!

April 25, 2022

Letter to customers: Our role and responsibility in navigating COVID-19

The globe is coping with a problem of enormous scope and human consequence, and our hearts go out to everyone who has been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19).

New Season believes it is our obligation and responsibility to emphasize two things during this time: our customers' and partners' health and well-being and play a constructive role in assisting local health officials and government leaders in their efforts to limit the virus. We will continue to make judgments with diligence and courage, guided by Our Mission and Values and informed by the most up-to-date science-based knowledge.

I wanted to personally reach out to you to provide you with an update on the steps New Season is taking to prevent the virus from spreading and promote the health and well-being of our customers, partners (workers), and communities.

In response to the growing public health threat, you may be aware that we've taken several preventive measures, including heightened cleaning and sanitizing procedures in our stores and warehouses.

As we navigate this time together, we appreciate your understanding that your New Season Experience may appear different as a customer. At the same time, we continue to operate as usual across the United States and Canada.

Thank you for being so supportive. We intend to be open and honest, offering the most up-to-date information.

We are privileged to serve you and the community.

Shakil Ahmad
CEO, New Season
January 19, 2022
Sleep Deprivation and how it affects our day to day life

Sleep Deprivation and how it affects our day to day life

Getting a good night's sleep is difficult, especially throughout the week, and have crazy schedules. For most of us, frequently, we stay up to complete more work or even tap away on our iPhones. We don't realize how much sleep is crucial to our physical and mental health until we go multiple nights barely sleeping.

A significant concern for sleep deprivation is developing insomnia. Many people struggle with insomnia, and it could be related to their mental health or even other factors such as sugar consumption, medication-related, and even developing unhealthy sleep patterns. For insomnia, we suggest trying out the HUG ME weighted throw that has helped combat insomnia for many people. The science behind the weighted blanket is that it allows the body to go into a relaxed mode, similar to getting coddled in bed. This has helped people sleep better and sleep longer as the weights help keep one in bed.

Another concern that comes with sleep deprivation is losing memory. Many people have reported that after losing countless hours of sleep, they begin to lose memory, making it challenging to keep up with tasks or stay on top of things both socially and academically.

For students especially, it's important to remember that sleep is just as important as eating and working out. Many of us forget how important sleep is and thus develop unhealthy sleep patterns. We recommend at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night, and we hope this post reminds you to create healthy sleep patterns.
November 24, 2021
5 Reasons You Should Love Linen

5 Reasons You Should Love Linen

Whether in bedding or clothing form, linen is an all-star material that is rightfully beloved all over the world. A luxurious yet relaxed choice of fabric, here are five benefits of linen that will convince you to make the switch from cheaper fabrics:

  • Strength and Longevity 

Linen is known to be the strongest natural fiber in the world, giving it an automatic leg up when compared to other natural fibers such as cotton. In fact, linen is 30% stronger than cotton, its most common rival in the world of natural fibers. Linen’s strength gives it the ability to be an extremely durable fabric that will last you for years. Although it may come with a more expensive upfront cost, linen bedding and/or linen sleepwear (or other clothing items) are both investment items that are more than worth it. Don’t let linen’s strength and durability deceive you, though- while it may feel slightly crisp at first, linen softens and becomes increasingly comfortable over time.  

  • Antibacterial Properties 

When it comes to your bedding and daily clothing, the absolute last thing you want is to be sitting (or sleeping) in your own bacteria for hours on end. Linen has fantastic natural antibacterial properties that make it the perfect fabric to keep your skin clean. In the past, linen was even used for bandages thanks to its anti-bacterial abilities. Nowadays, it makes for the perfect fabric to help you stay fresh both at night, thanks to linen bedding and sleepwear, and throughout the day, thanks to other linen clothing options.

  • Year-Round Comfort

While linen is commonly known as a breezy warm-weather fabric, it actually comes in just as handy during the colder months. Thanks to its exceptional breathability, linen is a great temperature-regulating fabric, which essentially cools you down in the summer and warms you up in the winter. Relating back to its longevity, linen’s simultaneous versatility only heightens its investment value. 

  • Sweat-Wicking Power (hypoallergenic)

In addition to its natural anti-bacterial properties, linen is also a naturally hypoallergenic and sweat-wicking fabric. It’s extremely absorbent and can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture. Because linen is so breathable, however, it takes a lot for it to absorb any moisture at all- linen allows moisture to easily escape, so that you aren’t ever left damp and uncomfortable. Even if you’re a hot sleeper, linen bedding and sleepwear will keep you cozy and warm, yet never steamy.

  • Sustainability

As the world progresses, we are made increasingly aware of the need for eco-friendly alternatives. Luckily, linen is the perfect win-win. While extremely functional and luxurious, it is also an extremely sustainable natural material. Linen is made from the flax plant, which is extremely useful- no part of the plant is wasted during production, making it extra environmentally friendly. When left undyed, linen is even biodegradable. Not only is linen itself sustainable, but its high quality means that you won’t fall prey to cheap alternatives that you’ll have to buy time and time again.

Overall, linen is one of the best fabrics available for bedding and sleepwear. Check it out here!

November 24, 2021
10 Tips To Stay In Bed

10 Tips To Stay In Bed

Developing a good sleep pattern is extremely difficult especially if you don’t know where to start. We recommend using these 10 tips to get back in track

  • Invest in high quality bedding
        • Chances are it's difficult to stay in bed because the sheets or duvet you're currently using is uncomfortable, too hot or too cold. We recommend exploring our products and find a product that suits you the best
  • No sugar Or Caffeine before Bed
        • Cut out the sugar and caffeine trust us it's for your own good! Sugar gets us hyper and caffeine energizes us as well. We found that if you want something sweet try opting for cherries that have been found to increase sleep. If you need coffee, opt for decaf or even herbal tea to put you in a sleepy mood, we recommend chamomile tea. 
  • Trying a Weighted Blanket
        • Weighted blankets have proven to help those that suffer from insomnia and restless leg syndrome. It will also help if you're struggling with anxiety and depression and just want to feel hugged :) 
        • A weighted blanket uses pressure therapy — using a calm-inducing amount of pressure on your entire body, similar to the feeling of being hugged, swaddled, stroked, or held. The right size and weight of a weighted blanket depend on the person's needs
  • Put away your electronics
        • Trust me it's for your own good. Whatever email it is you need to send you can always do it in the morning. We recommend reading a book prior to sleeping (maybe even a boring one). You can also try listening to some soft piano or acoustic hits to put you in a sleepy mode
  • Try having a warm shower or bath
        • Baths have been known to relax the body. Try a night time pamper routine and use different herbs like lavender that have helped to promote sleep. There's no better feeling then hopping into clean sheets after a fresh hot shower
  • Set a bedtime
        • Setting a time for bed will remind the brain to unwind. By setting a bedtime the body will slowly start to build a routine and this would also help to calculate how much sleep you get every night
  • Work out or exercise
        • We understand that with the colder season approaching it's hard to get out of the house and exercise. Especially with the pandemic many of us have gotten used to not going to the gym or exercising as frequently as we did before and thus with the lack of exercise not all of our energy is used up.
  • Melatonin 
        • Sometimes taking melatonin can help increase sleep. We recommend being smart with the pill as it can easily cause a dependency. Talk to your doctor or a medical care provider for more info. Today melatonin is offered in various ways whether it's a gummy pill or even inhaled through the cloudy melatonin pen.
    Invest in a good quality pillow
    • Your pillow is extremely important so its crucial to find a pillow that supports your neck and helps elevate your head in a comfortable setting. Explore our pillow options and find one that suits your needs!
     Change you're bedroom setting
    • Optimize your bedroom environment by eliminating external light and noise to get better sleep. These factors include temperature, noise, external lights, and furniture arrangement.
    November 18, 2021
    Winter is Here (Fa - La Land) | New Season

    Winter is Here (Fa - La Land)

    Nothing screams the holiday season more than flannel. Its known to spread the holiday love and is perfect for cuddling and creating the perfect wintery atmosphere.
    But when I discovered New Season’s flannel sheets I was instantly sold! Not only were the sheets light and soft but they had patterns that perfectly spiced up my bedroom! Investing in a nice set of flannel sheets can give the room a fall and holiday vibe especially if you're not decorating and taking out your 10 year old Christmas decorations.
    What I love most about the flannel sheets is that they are perfect to pair with a plain white duvet cover. With their printed patterns it adds a little touch that isn’t too much.
    If you love the cottage vibes but don’t want your room to look like Santa's dungeon, these sheets add the perfect touch!After washing the sheets a few times I noticed that they didn’t pill and even with having my dog on the bed constantly the fur was really easy to take out with a quick and easy lint roller! I can’t wait to try out more designs throughout the winter season! 
    October 08, 2021