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B2B eCommerce Dashboard will have access to product images, details, prices, stock level etc. Our Platform is made for easy navigation.

We have our sales reps serve 20% of our customers, but our B2B eCommerce portal is real game changer and has added another dimension to our business. The digital catalog, with its abilities to show Products (Images & details), wholesale price, Live stock level, interactive search capabilities, ability to track order and make secure payment.

With products originating in Europe, India, Pakistan and China, we have been able to meet the needs of every consumer. Furthermore, we are committed to ensuring that our products are manufactured from the highest quality material with outstanding workmanship.

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Easy and Intuitive

Easy and Intuitive

B2C - like buying experience for wholesale buyers configured to your needs. SSO - enabled web storefront and native mobile apps (iOS, Android) full featured even when offline. Localize to your markets - language, currency, tax rules and shipping methods.

E- Catalogs  & Secure payment method

E- Catalogs & Secure payment method

Catalogs, Price lists, payment options, shipping methods and more. tailored for all buyer. Accept ACH, eChecks, Credit & Debit card payments.

Self - Monitoring

Self - Monitoring

Configurable dashboards, reports and notifications for all buyer. Therefore, all buyers are able to check the order status. We Pick > Pack > Ship