Spooky season is my favourite season because I love the transition between everything pastel to everything that screams fall and being cozy! The Halloween vibe is my favourite time of the year especially because of how excited it makes me to bring out my favourite weighted blanket.


I can’t begin to express how useful my weighted blanket is during these months especially as a student with exam season approaches. I hate sitting on a cold chair with my back aching catching up on everything for a midterm. The weighted blanket is so helpful when studying because it makes me feel cozy and honestly gives me better support for my laptop when I am working. My favourite study spot or work spot is on a beanbag chair with a weighted blanket on top!


Here’s a list of my favourite ways to utilize the Hug Me Weighted Throw

  1. While reading and drinking a warm cup of hot chocolate ( can’t forget the cinnamon)
  2. During a Movie
  3. When I want to sit in the backyard but its too chilly 4. During Study sessions Ps its machine washable
October 19, 2022

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