We heard the struggle its hard to put inside duvet covers, it moves around alot over night, It gets too hot. We heard it all. But have you heard of money well spent? That is what we can ensure when you invest in our top quality duvets and here are a couple reasons why.

  • You can pick how fluffy you want

Unlike prefilled comforter sets, you get to pick how fluffy you want you're duvet to be. Whether you want the fluffiest duvet or one thats so thin you can barely feel it on there are many to choose from. For those of you that want a fluffy duvet with loads of volume we suggest the Australian Wool Duvet and for those that want something thin that will keep them warm we suggest the 4 seasonal Microgel Duvet thats perfect year round.

  • You can find one that suits you're needs 

If you're someone that gets too cold at night or too hot, by investing in a duvet that caters to you're needs you're guaranteed either a cool nights sleep using a cool and comfy duvet. Or a warm night using the Australian wool. 

  • Makes laundry day easier

Unlike comforters duvets will make laundry day easier because it does not require dry cleaning. With a duvet its the same as having a pillow. This means the only thing you need to wash is you're duvet cover really. However we do suggest washing you're duvet once a year and thats easy as our duvets are machine washable.

  • Allows you to change designs frequently

Duvets are great for storage so you're linen closet isn’t overflowing with hard to manage comforter sets. With duvets you're able to frequently stack up on loads of different colours and fabrics. We suggest trying out our bamboo linen duvet cover line thats a mix of two of our best selling fabrics!

  • Lasts longer then comforters

When you invest in a duvet you're also investing in the quality. We promise that with any of our duvets you're guaranteed 5 years at least before having to change to a new one. Not only will you be saving money wise in up coming years but you will also save on storage space as well!

  • More hygienic 

Ever wonder why hotels and hospitals always prefer to use duvets instead of comforters? The reason is simple and that is duvets are more hygienic. If you're someone that has an allergy we created hypoallergenic duvets such as microgel duvets that are perfect for those that are chronically ill, have ezema and allergies!


All in all these are just a few reasons of why you should invest in a duvet. For more information don’t hesitate to reach out and I’m always more then happy to answer any of you're questions

Namal Muskan

August 05, 2021

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