Over many years I experienced a number of customers that came in and were scared to experiment. Imagine being scared of colour?? That was the fear of many customers especially those that stuck to whites and greys.

Personally, I always stuck with whites too. All white bedrooms, so nothing looked off was always my go to look. But overtime not only did it get boring, but the maintenance of keeping my sheets white and spotless was just not it, especially with my busy schedule.

Overtime I gradually started experimenting with more colours. When I first saw the burnt orange in the bamboo linen my first thought was “ this is way too out of my comfort zone” and after experimenting with the entire line it has instantly became my go to duvet cover. The key with introducing colour is always mix and matching and remember dark goes well with light. There's so many colour combinations that I now wonder why are we so scared to experiment.

You may have heard the saying, that once a bed is made it makes the entire room feel clean and that is what you want. I love mixing white sheets with different colour duvets. The earthy tones are what I go for because not only is it neutral, but it helps me in hiding wrinkles and dust as well.

So for those of my readers who aren’t ready to experiment with colours just yet. That's totally okay, instead how about trying out just a colourful pillowcase and gradually moving up! We have so many fabrics to choose from and we hope we can help take you out of your comfort zone!!


August 05, 2021

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