My Struggles With Anxiety As a third-year university student that is tackling a double major while stressing about what I want to do upon graduation, it is safe to say that my anxiety has increased quite a bit. With the COVID lockdown and feeling trapped and alone I stumbled upon weighted blankets as a coping method for insomnia which is something I struggle with.

I tried out my first weighted blanket a few years back and unfortunately for me, I not only felt suffocated but all the beads inside shifted and I could no longer use it after the first wash. I was hesitant to try out anymore but after a doctor recommended me this brand and blanket it is safe to say I instantly fell in love.

At first glance, the weighted throw is much different than other weighted blankets in the market. In the past, I had to struggle with hiding the weighted blanket under my duvet because the look of it wasn’t the greatest. This faux fur throw not only looks great on the bed but I am able to use it in the living room while watching television as well as it helps comfort me while I study.

As a student the most important thing to me is time. I don’t have time to take my weighted blanket to the dry cleaners or hand wash it at home. When I found out that this throw is machine washable and gets softer even after a couple of washes it became my holy grail sleep essential. I can’t sleep without my weighted throw and I have recommended this blanket to so many friends and family because of how life-changing it is! So if you haven’t tried a weighted blanket this is your sign to get one.

~ Student @ York University 

August 05, 2021

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