Nothing screams the holiday season more than flannel. Its known to spread the holiday love and is perfect for cuddling and creating the perfect wintery atmosphere.
But when I discovered New Season’s flannel sheets I was instantly sold! Not only were the sheets light and soft but they had patterns that perfectly spiced up my bedroom! Investing in a nice set of flannel sheets can give the room a fall and holiday vibe especially if you're not decorating and taking out your 10 year old Christmas decorations.
What I love most about the flannel sheets is that they are perfect to pair with a plain white duvet cover. With their printed patterns it adds a little touch that isn’t too much.
If you love the cottage vibes but don’t want your room to look like Santa's dungeon, these sheets add the perfect touch!After washing the sheets a few times I noticed that they didn’t pill and even with having my dog on the bed constantly the fur was really easy to take out with a quick and easy lint roller! I can’t wait to try out more designs throughout the winter season! 
October 08, 2021

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