As much as we as a company want to illustrate a picture-perfect image, we have made several mistakes running New Season, and one of them happens to be not investing in linen sooner.

Linen has created a massive trend in interior design as it made its way into bedding essentials, bedroom decor and even furniture such as couches, tables, ottomans and more. Linen is an eco-friendly fabric perfect for individuals who suffer from fabric allergies, need temperature regulating sheets, and are antibacterial. Linen has been known for centuries to be a durable fabric and, thus, for many years, has been used. It also gets softer with every wash, making this the perfect go-to sheet or duvet cover for any home.

But how did we get our hands on it, you may ask? That's a long story that we've been dying to share, and we were so glad we finally have seen enormous success with the product that we feel it's important enough to let you all know how we did it.

As a bedding company, we usually stuck to basic fabrics, which were high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets for many years. For many years we believed that these were the best sheets, and thus we were scared to branch out and try new products because we were selling what we were comfortable with. Going to trade shows years after years, we started selling linen sheets as an accident and planned to have it as a temporary option for our many loyal customers.

One of our suppliers reached out to us and told us that they were able to sell us linen sheets created from the leftover fabrics of the clothing they had already previously sold. At the time, linen was not yet on the market, and we were extremely reluctant to purchase such a high volume of fabric that was honestly not that known here in North America. Our supplier needed a way to get rid of the excess material, and we were starting. He gave us a fantastic deal on assorted colour linen fabrics, and that's when we took off.


Upon receiving our shipment, we noticed that no two linen items felt the same. Some were lucky and were incredibly soft to the touch, while others were stiff to touch. We realized that it would look beautiful on the beds with the soft linen fabrics, but it was also hushed. We began doing our research and found the many benefits of the material.


We were one of the first companies to begin selling high-quality linen items, and these became highly popularized. After selling our original collection of assorted linen goods, we finalized four colours to narrow it down. We also realized that linen is not a cheap item, and as our business grew, we no longer wanted to get the most reasonable thing we could find but rather the most suitable for our high-quality clients. We scouted through many suppliers and spent roughly two years finding the most linen fabric, and since then, the product has been selling out like crazy.

You didn't think we were done now, did you?

We also developed a brand new line unheard of to anyone else called bamboo linen. This fabric is a newly designed product that combines our high-quality bamboo and linen sheets to create an even softer blend with minor wrinkles. 


For years we have had customers complain that as much as they love the look of linen ironing, it is a pain because, naturally, linen wrinkles. We took feedback from our customers and worked with our suppliers to create this perfect blend that allows customers to have the linen look at a lower price. 


We're enormously proud of how our accidental purchase turned into something so big for us, and for anyone reading this is a sign to take any chance given to you. We would have easily missed this opportunity had we had a higher budget, but this shows how much growth we have had in New Season. 

May 06, 2022

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