The most annoying feeling is when going into a store to see the perfect sheets, but due to its plastic wrapping, there's always an added fear of disappointment when taking it out of its packaging when getting home. We know how good our products are, and we want customers to be able to feel what they are buying before they buy it. We at least owe it to them because nobody likes the feeling of going home to thick sheets.


We'll admit there was a time when we contributed to an enormous amount of plastic waste, mainly because there was a lack of awareness. We have successfully figured out how to use leftover, reusable bags for packaging our items, and this is eco-friendly and informs the customer what they are purchasing in person.


Upon revamping our packaging, we work towards supporting organic sheets made in factories that limit the amount of pollution released by using natural dyes in all of our products. We believe that you don't need more than two sheet sets and two duvet covers, and we have ensured that all of our products are reusable friendly and long-lasting.


Our fabrics are all made with high-quality materials, whether linen, bamboo linen, Bamboo rayon or cotton. We ensure that all our fabrics are double stitched to prevent tears, and as a result, many of our customers return after several years, claiming that their sheet sets have lasted almost a decade of regular use.


Our goal is to ensure that we go plastic-free by the end of 2025. We have successfully worked on changing all our packaging to the materials of the fabric health, limiting the waste produced. We also are working on planting more trees and giving back as much as we as a company take from the environment. 


If anyone knows of any charities working to achieve sustainable goals, please send us an email at We all should work on improving the environment together one day at a time. 

May 06, 2022

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