You're picky. We get it, and we want to ensure you that you have every right to be. You'll be the one going into bed overnight and with all the struggles that occur in a day to day life. If you're struggling with achieving a good night's sleep, let us care for you.

No customer is too fussy, and we understand the individual needs of all our customers. We know that some of you may have extremely deep mattresses, have issues with the temperature at night, suffer from friction and more. We created this guide to help educate you on what products may work for you and suit whoever you may be getting sheets for!

Rayon Bamboo

Bamboo Rayon is perfect for those that love the excellent silky finish when getting into bed. Our bamboo sheets are perfectly designed for those with deep mattresses and cover up to 18 inches making them deep-pocketed. These are our softest, most luxurious sheets and adjust to one's body temperature. It has the perfect lightweight consistency, perfect for those that get too hot at night. 

100% Cotton

If you're still using cotton, we're not going to judge you. You love the simplicity, which says a lot about you. You might be afraid to try other fabrics, and that's okay because you're loyal to what you've been using for several years. Cotton sheets have been breathable and airy, making them perfect all year round. We offer some cotton sheet sets such as - 

Organic 100% Cotton

These organic sheets are perfect for those that want to stick to all-natural products that haven't been treated with harsh dyes and chemicals. Our organic sheets come in many options ranging from solid to printed patterns. Although we don't offer them as a duvet cover yet, these make the perfect adorable sheet to use in Air BnB's, kids' rooms, university dorms, etc. These are perfect for those that enjoy flat sheets. 

500 Thread Count

You're bougie, and you understand quality over quantity. Many companies like to lie and say that they are selling 1000 thread count sheets, but anyone who knows sheets knows that the 500 thread count is the sweet spot of all sheets. A thread count is several threads that go into sheets; the more significant the line counts, the thinner the sheets is a fundamental principle to follow. Our 500 thread counts create the perfect sheets that aren't too thin or too thick. Because of their high quality, they produce rich colours and a satin-like finish.

100% Linen 

Ahh, so you want to compete with the big boys? We see you, and best of all, you're our favourite customer. We love when we can share our love of linen with you all, and we can't wait to see the day this fabric becomes as well known as cotton so everyone can enjoy the benefits. These sheets are perfect all year long and elevate any room into having a cozy rustic feel. Our linen sheets are also offered in a beautiful duvet cover. These sheets are perfect for those that value quality because although these can be considered a pricy investment, these will last longer than any other sheet in the market.

80% Bamboo & 20% Linen

So you want to upgrade to linen but don't want to splurge the high costs associated with it? We found a solution for you that is even better than Vintage linen in the eyes of some. Bamboo linen sheets offer the same look as linen at a cheaper cost but more benefits. These are perfect for those looking to experiment but aren't ready to entirely splurge on the linen, and we think they make a fantastic dupe!

May 06, 2022


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Will u get any twin xtraLong for Flax Linen sheets (fitted..flat.pillow case..bedspread??

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