Please… Do you think we don't judge you when you place an order with us on your colour combinations? If you thought to yourself, "No…" you're correct because we adore all of our customers, especially those that like to experiment.

So take this time and read over this week's blog, let us know your favourite bed colour combination, and see if we guessed your personality correctly.

The All Whites

We would love to call you boring, we really would, but the truth is everyone inspires to be like you. It takes a brave soldier to have all white sheets, especially with the high amount of maintenance that makes sure they stay pure white. You strive for perfection in everything you do, and most likely, all you're decor in your room is decorated in neutral or all white colours. 

The White Duvet Cover and Grey Sheet Set

You're not fooling anyone. We know you eat in bed! You like to shy away from those around you and find their room their haven. You most likely go with dark grey sheets or light grey sheets because you want to enjoy an occasional ice cream while binge-watching your favourite show on Netflix. You're not a perfectionist, but you still like the clean look, so you protect your duvet cover!

The Grey Duvet Cover and White Sheet Set

You are most likely a pet owner and are worried that your pet will shed and ruin your white duvet cover, so you opted for a darker colour! You either have children or a messy partner and as much as you would love an all-white set, your lifestyle simply doesn't allow you to. We know you don't wash your sheets the recommended amount but don't worry, the dark colours might hide it all, but we know how busy you are. You most likely only come to bed when it's time to sleep and spend most of your day in productivity.

We Love The Brown, The Beige, The cinnamon.

Trendy Tiktoker, is that you? Or are you someone with a perfectly aesthetic Instagram feed? You love to experiment and follow trends, but you love the earthly clean look. You probably work out to maintain good health, opt for oat milk, and your day will not start unless you stop at Starbucks. You're most likely the type of person who constantly uploads motivational stories on their Instagram and inspires others in your day-to-day life. 


Nothing screams risk-taker than someone willing to experiment with an orange-like shade in their bedroom. Terracotta requires a lot of taste, and you're not afraid to try it all. You're bold and creative, and I promise to have more than two pillows on your bed. Your favourite holiday is Halloween; you love autumn and don't lie, you're secretly obsessed with pumpkin spice lattes.

Charcoal Greys

We know you're a reader before going to bed at night. You most likely love getting into philosophical debates and hate the idea of sunlight peaking into your room in the morning. You love the occasional sleeping in, and you like to handle life one step at a time. You most likely have pets or children but are too exhausted to make your bed every morning and play it off as a messy aesthetic. 

Navy Blue

Nothing screams college frat boy than the colour navy blue. Mom or dad most likely purchased your sheets before the semester started, and you probably couldn't care what colour your bedding is. You're likely to be using the same sheets they gifted you after graduation and won't change your sheets unless someone does it for you. 

May 06, 2022


Rose Power said:

I love the brown duvet I would like to order one size queen

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